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Intuitive Service Offering

Promontory Fulfillment Services LLC (PFS) delivers a tailored, modern and cost-effective set of mortgage fulfillment solutions unique in the market. Our comprehensive service offering helps you remain competitive in an ever-changing mortgage market and includes:

  • POS technology, Borrower Wallet®
  • Processing
  • Underwriting
  • Compliance
  • Due Diligence
  • Closing
  • Post Closing
  • Servicing Transfer
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    Community Lenders

    PFS empowers community lenders by making lending profitable again. With unparalleled process integration, proprietary point-of-sale technology and compliance expertise, local lenders can offer their customers white-label residential loans without the burden of maintaining a mortgage operation.

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    Larger Banks & Lenders

    For larger banks and lenders, PFS offers the ability to quickly respond to increased volume or activate speciality products to meet shifting market conditions. Larger lenders benefit from a full range of mortgage products and a scalable business model without the overhead or risk.

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    Investors benefit from our loan review and due diligence services, providing in-depth loan-file inspection prior to purchase. Custom analyses account for clients’ processes and tolerances, outlining risk areas and instilling confidence in portfolio investments.

Meet Your Operations Team

Dedicated Expertise

Our seasoned operations professionals function as extensions of your team. They are trained on your systems and processes, inside and out – giving you the benefit of full-time fulfillment staff without the added employee expense.

Tenured Professionals

The PFS fulfillment team boasts an average of 23 years retail, wholesale and correspondent lending experience per person. They channel their expertise into a relationship-driven, white-label experience unique to each client – and borrower – need.

Responsive Support

For Promontory Fulfillment Services, service isn’t just a philosophy – it’s a reality. Our quick and transparent processes make for prompt and effective support, whenever you need it.

Borrower Wallet® Point-of-Sale

Our proprietary mortgage technology offers an intuitive, collaborative and consistent borrower experience across any device. Built-in loan officer assist tools increase LO efficiencies, streamlining the loan application process while giving borrowers the digital experience they’ve come to expect.

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    Effortless Document Collection

    Borrower Wallet® automates document collection, making it efficient and scalable. By providing a secure digital portal to collect and store important loan documents, it ensures you can easily access all borrower documents, every time.

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    Borrowers create the experience they want, with help from their loan officer ever step of the way. Loan officers co-pilot the application – sharing screens with the borrower and working through the process together, virtually.

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    Branded Borrower Experience

    Your customers are your customers. Borrower Wallet® is customized to your branding, delivering a seamless experience from start to finish.

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    Borrower Wallet® puts the user first with design based on extensive user testing. Our intuitive, easy-to-navigate platform empowers borrowers to be active participants while positioning loan officers as their trusted advisors.

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    Avoid borrower confusion. With real-time status updates and in-app education, our transparent process keeps borrowers informed and encourages participation – ultimately resulting in a superior user experience.

Compliance is in our DNA

Compliance is the foundation upon which the Promontory Fulfillment Services solution is built – integrated in all we do and at the forefront of the overall process flow.

Our Expertise, Your Culture

Our seasoned compliance experts collaborate directly with your team, creating a customized compliant solution rooted in your organizational values.

Continuous Monitoring

PFS continuously monitors policies and procedures against federal and state regulatory requirements, providing clients with weekly reports demonstrating compliance adherence.


Compliance is deeply ingrained in our technology development, informing each piece of code we write. It’s never an afterthought. High-quality customer data captured via our POS anticipates loan-level compliance requirements – allowing us to deliver a more-compliant loan.

Enterprise-Wide Security

PFS employs multi-dimensional security controls, utilizing tech, operational, and employee-driven methods to comply with evolving data-protection regulations and industry-specific compliance requirements.

Powerful Data

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    Real-Time Reporting

    Real-time loan-level updates are automatically and securely shared between PFS and client teams, ensuring current, interactive loan monitoring.

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    Pipeline Management

    Daily pipeline reporting and reviews – along with monthly audit sessions – ensure ongoing and transparent pipeline and performance management.

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    Analytics-Ready Data

    Understand your mortgage business – and your customers – in a whole new way. Accessible, accurate, analytics-ready data is available via our standard reporting suite. Custom, client-specific reports can be developed at no additional cost.

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